Dubai-based aloft Hotel to be demolished after collapse

Dubai – Dubai Housing and Construction Authority (DHCCA) announced on Wednesday that it will demolish a three-story hotel complex on Al Dhafra Road, Dubai’s eastern district, after a major collapse.

The Al Dhaffra Road complex collapsed on Sunday and is now under renovation.

The DHCCA said it was “taking the necessary steps” to protect the structures and their occupants from any future deterioration.

The Dubai Land and Development Authority (DLDA) will be responsible for the demolition.DHC CA said in a statement that it has received an official request from the DLDA and has begun work on the demolition process.

“We have requested DLDA to provide us with a proposal to demolish the building, and we will submit it in the coming days,” DHC CA head Abdullah Bin Hamad al-Rajhi said in the statement.

The construction of the complex was due to be completed in early 2018, and its demolition would have been due to the construction work not being completed.

The DHC and DLDA had initially planned to demolise the building in 2019.

In August, Dubai Land Minister Ahmed Al-Dulaimi said the demolition would be a “sustainable solution”, but the collapse has left a “serious impact” on the project.

“This is a very serious and long-lasting structural failure,” DLDA director general Ali Khashoggi said in an interview with Reuters news agency.

“The building was constructed with good quality materials, and there was no failure to construct the building.”

He added that DLDA is still reviewing the safety of the site, but that it is “very clear” that the building has “serious structural problems”.

In a statement, DLDA said it had taken the necessary measures to protect people and property from damage.

“DHC’s responsibility to protect human and property remains high, and it is essential that we carry out an appropriate, complete and thorough inspection of the building,” DLCA said.

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