4 hotels that are worth the price of a hotel stay

4 hotels are worth a hotel bed, according to a survey by Travelocity.

The survey found that guests spend $10,000 or more for a single night in each of the four top hotels on average.

The average cost per night was $10.10 at a $1,000-a-night rate.

The four hotels with the highest average hotel room rates were: The Waldorf Astoria, the Grand Hyatt Regency at Hyatt, Marriott at The Walden, and The Sheraton.

Each of the five top hotels, on average, was $9,000 per night.

The five hotels with lowest average room rates included: The Holiday Inn at The Renaissance, Marriott Marquis at The Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt New York, and Marriott at the Sheraton .

This is a pretty interesting group of hotels that all have very similar room rates.

However, some of the hotel rooms are a little bit pricier, like at The Hyatt Grand Hyapples New York at $2,500 per night and The Marriott Marquise at $1.85 per night, both at $7,000.

The other hotel that’s a bit more expensive than average is the DoubleTree by Hilton New York , which is $2.80 per night at a rate of $7.50 per night for four rooms.

The best deals of the night at the top four hotels are listed below.

The Waldorff Astoria is $1 million per night in the most expensive hotel room, which is a $4,000 price tag for a room that can seat 8 guests.

The Grand Hypertres is $8,000 for four guests. 

The Waldorf, at $10 per night is the second best deal at the Waldorf hotel, and the hotel with the cheapest room rate is the Hyatt Hotel at $6.90 per night .

The Hyatts New York and Marriott Marquises are both $7 per night with four guests each.

The Marriott New York is $6 per night while the Hyatts is $7 for four. 

$1 million is a lot of money, but it’s also a pretty good deal for a hotel room.

The hotel room price at the Four Seasons is $3,800 per night , and the Grand Hotel is $5,600 per night on average in the survey.

That’s right, at least for the Four Sizes, the hotel room is still a bargain.

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