What to know about the first day of the Summer Olympics

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the beginning of the Olympics by covering the first official day of competition, the first ever Summer Games.

Since then, it’s become clear that many of us are still grappling with the aftermath.

Here are some things you might have missed, or that might have happened.


A lot of people went to Rio already This is a very good question.

A few months ago, the organizers of the Rio Olympics had a chance to show off some of the improvements they’ve made to the venues in the past couple of years.

This was before the Olympics opened in 2020.

This is the result: A number of Olympic venues were reopened in the early hours of the morning, as crowds rushed to find them.

The venues were filled with spectators.

They filled the streets, and the air was thick with people, cheering and whistling and yelling.

And some of them, at least, did not leave in the morning.

They left early.

But there were plenty of people staying, and they stayed for a while.

Some of them stayed until the middle of the night, when the temperature was well below freezing, and people were able to come out and play again.

Many of them played volleyball and soccer for hours, and a lot of them came back again and again.

It’s been a year, and there’s still no guarantee that we’ll see a repeat of those scenes.

But the results speak for themselves: A lot more people came out to play than ever before, and many more stayed for hours.

And that’s what you might expect.

We haven’t seen any similar changes in the rest of the Games.


Many countries were hit hard in the Olympics A lot is still unclear about what happened to people in China, Russia, South Korea, Brazil and the rest.

Many people were evacuated, some of whom were killed.

But a lot more is still unknown, including how many people died in Sochi, what the toll is for the health and safety of the athletes, and how many were hurt in the games.

And there are many more unknowns, like how many died in Rio, what happens when people return to the Games, and whether they will be able to attend next summer.

But all of these issues are starting to get a lot clearer.

As the news from the Olympics continues to come in, we will update you as more information becomes available.


The weather at the games is much worse than it was A lot was made of the fact that temperatures were generally below freezing in many of the venues.

But now it seems that the weather is much more than that.

This has been true in all of the major Olympic venues for months now, and in some cases, it hasn’t even been a few degrees.

It seems to be true in the most of the games and at the Olympics in general.

So while it’s hard to say exactly how bad it was, the fact is that it’s not at all what you’d expect from the first few weeks of the summer.


There are lots of dead bodies This has become a problem for Olympic organizers in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as well as the Zika virus pandemic that has devastated many parts of the world.

People have been finding dead bodies and other evidence of trauma at the Olympic venues.

And many of them are still there, either under the rubble of Olympic infrastructure, or in the pools or the arenas.

We will be updating this list of dead people as more evidence emerges.


There is an enormous amount of dead body footage A lot has been made of how some of these images have surfaced online and on YouTube.

Many have been posted to social media.

But some of those images are clearly of dead athletes or spectators, or dead people being removed from the Games and brought to hospitals.

We have some of this footage.

In fact, many of these people are actually being treated in hospitals.

The IOC has released some of it on its website, as have the Olympic Council of Canada and the IOC’s own medical director.

The photos themselves are still online.

So we are going to keep our eye on these and see what else comes out.

But we don’t have any definitive answers.


Many athletes and spectators are getting sick This was the big news on Twitter when a number of athletes and other spectators were found to have been infected with the Zika viruses.

The International Olympic Committee announced that all Olympic athletes would be vaccinated, and that there would be a special screening program in the coming weeks.

We now know that it was not true.

We’ve learned that many people who had been tested had not been vaccinated, or had had their vaccinations revoked.

The virus is not spreading anywhere in the world, and it’s highly unlikely that there is a significant outbreak in Brazil.

But this does highlight the problem of a huge number of people coming back from the games who have come back with no protection.

There have been reports that athletes and fans from around the world

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