Why I left my car at the hotel in South Beach hotel

My car was left at the South Beach Hotel in Las Vegas.

It was left there by my sister.

I think it was a very nice thing to do.

We went to the hotel a couple of times, and it was nice to see my sister at the same time.

The parking lot is still there.

We used to go to the lobby to watch the movie.

I would go down there sometimes, and I would come back out and we would sit in the lobby.

She would be there.

The hotel was in the middle of this parking lot, and the parking lot was empty.

I was sitting in my car, and my sister came out and she had her camera, she had this thing that she takes pictures of cars and it would be on the dash, and she would take pictures of me in the car and I think I took one picture of her, and then I took another picture.

So I left the car there for a while, and that was the end of it.

She kept saying, you know, we need to get back to the city.

And I said, no, we have to go.

So we did.

I went to my sister’s house, and we got a little bit of money.

And then she said, I’m going to drive over to the Westgate hotel, and from there we were going to go back to Las Vegas, and her family had to drive us back.

So she was kind of like, no I’m not going.

I didn’t want to go with her, I was just worried about her.

I thought, oh my God, what are we going to do?

And I went down to the parking lots, and this car is still in there, and when I got back to my car I just kind of stood there, I said to myself, well, I guess I’m out of here.

And we left.

We had a long time to go, so it was not really like a real time lapse, and so I just decided to go through the hotel and see if I could see the hotel, but I wasn’t sure what the rules were, so I went back through the lot and got my ticket.

I took the picture and I put it in the backseat and just took off.

And that’s when my sister went to her car and called her.

And she called her, she said that I’m coming home, and there’s my car.

And my sister was going to give me her keys, so she said to me, come on, come over here.

We’re going to have dinner, and everything is fine, so we went to dinner, but she didn’t tell me that she’s going to be back with her family until after I came home.

So when she came back home she was like, oh, I missed you.

I missed her.

So then I said I have to get my car because I’m gonna go to work.

And when she saw that, she was just like, well it’s not that bad, you’re going back to work and she was right, you’ll be okay.

So that’s how it went.

I had a lot of fun, I had good times, but it was like a little scary.

And if you know my sister, you would know that I would never say that, because I think she would just get angry and start screaming at me.

But she was really nice.

She was a great lady.

And the next day I just went to work, and everybody thought I was crazy, but when I was going through the lobby she was calling my name and asking me, how are you?

And she said how are your eyes?

And when I answered my own name, I thought it was weird because I have a very long nose, and they were like, what?

I didn’ know you had a nose.

And there was like no way, I could have told.

And so she just kept going on and on and just kept telling me.

And it was very scary.

So the next morning when I went into work, I just got up and I just walked to the car, I got in the door, and said, what happened?

And he was like oh I don’t know, I don’ know, well that’s just the way it was, you can’t see it, but you just got into the car.

So there’s no reason why you should have been there.

And he just kept saying that.

And eventually he said he’s going home.

And just when I thought that that was going, I looked in the mirror and my eyes were bigger, I couldn’t see my nose.

I could only see my face.

And after a while he said that, and he’s gone.

So it was just a little awkward, but we both felt that he was very kind of a nice person and he just went

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