Why I left Leicester City

It’s the end of a long and storied journey, but this article isn’t the end.

It’s a tribute to my time with the club and to Leicester City FC. 

I remember being asked to write the article on Saturday morning, which was a surprise, but it was the right time to do so, given the current atmosphere at the club.

I remember sitting in the offices of the club’s hierarchy, which is now a completely different organisation from when I was there, before we left.

I remember the first time we got together in the office to go over a draft article, when I told them I was leaving the club after four years and it was a difficult decision.

They were delighted with it.

The team is now very different, with different owners and players, and I know I’ll be sorely missed in that respect.

The club has undergone a massive transformation since I was here, and we have now reached the point where we’re now the top club in the Premier League.

We’ve won the league, we’ve won La Liga and the Champions League, and this season, we’re aiming to win the FA Cup.

But we need to improve on the ground, which I know is a tough challenge, especially at the beginning of the season.

I’m confident that we can do it.

There are many clubs around us with bigger budgets and bigger stadiums, and that means we need more players, more coaching and more facilities.

We need to be a more competitive side in the league.

We have to make sure that we get results.

But that’s the way it is.

I know that the club is a long way away from where it should be, and the fans and supporters deserve more from us.

The fans, too, deserve to be able to enjoy football at home. 

We have a great relationship with the fans, but we have to build a more positive atmosphere, and with that, it’s not easy to win games at the end, especially when you’re playing a club like Leicester City. 

Leicester City FC, like every other club, has to be in the spotlight, and for the past three years, we have been the focus of media coverage.

We’re not a club that has one or two fans, we don’t have a stadium, and our fans can’t just be happy when they’re there, they need to know that they’re not forgotten. 

It’s important that we show our best and have a positive attitude, but also that we have a plan, because that is the only way to make the fans happy.

It’s the first season in a long time that we haven’t won the Premier Leagues, but there are positives that we’re trying to achieve.

We’ll continue to play football, but if we want to make that happen, we need a different attitude.

I think we’ll find that we’ll be better when we’re more focused on winning.

It was difficult, because I didn’t know if I was going to be back, but I’m so grateful for all the time I had at the Club.

I hope that this is the start of a new chapter for us, and a new challenge for us.

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