How to keep the most expensive hotels alive

Reno Hotel has revealed it is offering a “special discount” to its guests for staying at its super 8 suites.

The hotel is offering the hotel suite discount for up to 40 per cent off a hotel stay of up to 30 days.

Reno says the discount applies to all guests staying at the hotel and does not apply to guests staying in the hotel’s suite.

The Reno hotel suite discounts are valid until April 25, 2019, and are valid at any time. 

Reno has a suite rate of $3,399 per night, which means the super 8 suite discount would save guests $8,000 over the course of a year.

A Reno Suite rate of about $3.49 per night is also available.

The hotel has also offered a special discounted rate of up 20 per cent for guests staying with their parents and grandparents in the suite.

Guests can also opt for the suite rate for up at up to $1,099 per night.

The hotel said it is working on a new suite offer which will be launched in March.

It is also offering a 10 per cent discount for a couple staying with an employee for a month.

The new offer is not available at the moment.

Reno Hotel CEO Peter DeBartolo said the hotel has always offered a suite offer to its members for guests to stay in their suite and they are happy to continue doing so.

“We’re offering a discount to our guests as well,” he said.

The hotel has been offering super 8 rates since 2016. “

The hotel is also working on something that’s unique and that’s going to be launching soon.”

The hotel has been offering super 8 rates since 2016.

Reno is one of Australia’s most exclusive hotel brands and has a long history of providing quality hotel accommodation and services.

The brand is best known for its luxury hotels such as the iconic Royal Enfield, the luxury Westin, and the super premium properties.

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