When ‘Sleeping Beauty’ became a hit, hotel chains reacted

The rise of the Sleeping Beauty franchise has made it easier for brands to create a marketing campaign for a product or service that is seen as a “must have.”

In fact, the latest chapter in this story started with a marketing strategy.

In October, an online auction site called ebay.com made the “Sleeper” hotel-and-nightclub franchise a sought-after offering for hotel guests.

The company, known as Sleepers, had been trying to make its brand a must-have product for guests of all ages and tastes.

But the auction site didn’t include the Sleeping beauty theme in the listing, so many people wanted to know if the hotel would sell them the hotel and nightclub.

Some of the hotel’s owners were also upset with the auction and decided to pull the plug on the franchise.

“We have no idea how many people are using the site, and we don’t know how many are actually going to be able to book the hotel,” says a Sleepers spokesperson.

Some of the owner’s complaints:They say it was a bad idea.

“When we first started talking about this, we realized there were a lot of people that were looking for the hotel in their lifetime, and this was a lot easier to sell to them than to those that are younger,” says the Sleepers founder and CEO Rahul Shah.

The hotel-only franchise is a brand-new category, so the demand for the new franchise has been so strong, Shah says.

He believes the auction has created an even bigger market opportunity for Sleepers than the hotel itself.

“The auction has given us an opportunity to make it so that we can have the best content on the internet,” he says.

“This auction, when it comes to our product, we can sell it as a hotel and also as a nightclub, and as a brand,” says Shah.

Shah is currently working with a local developer, The House, to make a hotel-night club game that players will be able buy and use as their real-life hotel.

The game will feature a hotel theme and a game-play mode that involves hotel guests and a real-world nightclub.

“This is the first step of making a real hotel game,” Shah says, “so we can get a lot more people playing the hotel.”

Shah says he hopes the developers can find a way to make the game for other popular franchises.

He says the DreamWorks Animation studio has already developed a game that features the Sleeping franchise and that he hopes to bring it to the market.

“But it will be a lot harder to sell this game to someone that doesn’t have a hotel or a night club,” he adds.

Shakti Gupta, a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, says the auction could be a good idea.

Gupta says the concept of a hotel franchise could be particularly appealing to younger audiences, who are more likely to be interested in new experiences than the older generations.

“They are not interested in the brand as much as they are interested in what is in front of them,” Gupta says.

Gupta says that with an auction site like ebay, the idea of getting a brand to a large audience is not too hard.

“You just need to get the word out,” she says.

“It could be very effective, because people who are younger will come to the auction website and see what they want.”

The auction may be an opportunity for brands.

Shah says that he expects that some of the hotels will be sold out, so that he can bring the new games to the next stage.

He also hopes that people who do not want the franchise but want to play a hotel can rent the games for a few nights, which will be less expensive than renting a night out.

Guidans comments on the auction:In this age of social media, this is a great way to have some excitement and excitement and entertainment to those who are bored and just want to go somewhere.

“I think it will appeal to younger people who like to travel,” he concludes.

“And it’s also very fun to see if they can get someone to do a night in their hotel and they will have a good time.”

Follow LiveScience writer Stephanie Pappas on Twitter @sipappas.

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