Which hotels are in shire in shadiest condition?

Shreveport, LA – It’s not uncommon for people to spend weeks at a time in shaded hotels.

But if you’re going to spend that time there, there is one thing you should know about it.

Shreveport has had a lot of the shadest hotels, but this one is the most shaded.

This hotel, with its double-height double bed, double-level, single-level and single-wide shower, and the only toilet at the front door, is in the worst shape.

It’s also one of the few that you’ll find that don’t have air conditioning.

The hotel has had three water main breaks in the past six months.

The first happened on Jan. 14.

A water main broke near the front desk and knocked out electricity.

The second occurred on Feb. 3.

That same day, a water main break happened on the second floor and knocked the entire building out of commission.

On Feb. 6, the shaded hotel received another water main breaking and another watermain breaking on the third floor.

That means the hotel was shut down for two days and forced to vacate its floors for repairs.

The shaded area was evacuated on March 6.

The hotel is back on lockdown after that.

The owner of the hotel said he will only be opening the hotel up for people who have already booked a room.

If you’re booking a room in this hotel, we’ll be open to you for the rest of the night.

We’re still going to be working on getting that fixed.

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