Trump is trying to stop the next big wave of hotel porn

In a new development, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to “protect the health and safety of American citizens”.

The order will prevent “any activity, including prostitution, that is inherently harmful to the health of any individual, or the health or safety of any other person”, and would prevent any hotel or motel from providing “services, facilities, services, accommodations or amenities that are directly or indirectly related to prostitution”.

The US Justice Department, which oversees the Anti-Prostitution Act, said the order “is intended to prohibit any activity that could cause or contribute to prostitution in hotels or motels”.

The move is part of a wider crackdown on prostitution.

Earlier this month, Trump signed an order barring hotel operators from hiring or renting sex workers.

Trump has also taken a softer approach on the issue.

In April, he signed an emergency measure to protect US diplomats and diplomats abroad from prostitution.

Trump’s latest move comes as the Trump administration faces pressure from activists to make prostitution legal in the US, after a wave of high-profile scandals involving prostitution.

In the past two months, Trump has attempted to rein in the industry, which he has accused of encouraging prostitution and violence.

In a statement, the Justice Department said the executive order “protects the health, safety and welfare of the American people by prohibiting activities that are inherently harmful and that can contribute to the spread of HIV and other STDs”.

Trump’s order also comes a week after he signed a decree aimed at cutting off federal funding to anti-pornography groups. “

And they’re being exploited.”

Trump’s order also comes a week after he signed a decree aimed at cutting off federal funding to anti-pornography groups.

The new order, signed by Trump on Thursday, bans “any individual or group that is a provider of material that promotes or promotes prostitution”, as well as any organization that promotes prostitution.

The Trump administration said the funding for anti-sex tourism groups will be cut to 25 percent from 60 percent.

The US has seen a surge in prostitution arrests over the past year, according to a US Government Accountability Office report released last month.

The report said police in many US cities have reported an increase in sex crimes involving hotel guests.

“It’s very much an issue of safety,” said Michael McDonough, a professor of law at the University of Virginia Law School who studies sex trafficking and prostitution.

“This order sends a message that the administration is not going to give in to the pressures of sex trafficking to continue to provide these services.”

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