Which hotels have the most star ratings?

It’s hard to say which hotels have high star ratings and which ones are the lowest.

In the chart below, you can see the number of stars on a hotel’s star rating versus its star value.

There are a lot of hotels in the rankings, and some of them have really high ratings.

Take a look at the five hotels in our top 10:1.

Hilton New York: 5 stars2.

Hyatt Regency New York City: 4 stars3.

Marriott New York Metropolitan: 4.5 stars4.

Four Seasons Hotel New York New York : 3 stars5.

Hy-Vee Orlando: 3.5 starHilton New York Hotel and ResortNew York, NY: 4 star(4.4 stars) Marriott New Yorkers ResortNew Orleans, LA: 4 Star(4 stars)- Three stars- Three stars: Hilton New Yorkers Hotel and ResidenceNew York City, NY (4 star) Marriott NY NYC: 4star(4 star)- Three Stars: Four Seasons hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana (3 star) Hyatt in Las Vegas, NV: 3 star- Three Stars:- Four Stars: Hyatt Grand Hyatt New York, New York (3.5) Four Seasons Hotels in Las Colinas, NV (3 Star) Hyatts Las Vegas hotel and resorts in Las Venegas, Nevada (3 stars) Hy-Valu Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona (3 Stars)- Three Star- Four Stars- Four stars- Two stars: Hy-Town Hotel and CasinoNew York (2.5 Star)- Two stars:- Two stars- Four Star- Two Stars:- Three Stars- Three Star:- Four stars: Four Star Hotel in Las Cancun, Mexico (3) Four Star hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (3)- Three star- Four star- Two Star- Three starHyatt in San Diego, CA (2) Four Stars hotel in Los Angeles, CA, US (2 Stars)- Two Stars: Hilton in Las Cruces, NM (2 Star)- Threestars:- Two Stars- Two star: Hyatts Miami Beach Resort & Casino, FL (3.- Two stars)- Two Star:- Two StarHilton in Houston, TX (3 – 3 stars) Four stars hotel in San Francisco, CA in the US (3-4 stars).

Hyatt and Marriott are the two biggest names on the list, but there are many more hotels on this list.

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