How to choose the right hotel in metro moscow

MOSCOW (AP) For the first time in the history of MetroMoscow, travelers can book a hotel in any metro area and pay a few extra bucks to avoid having to wait in long lines.

The MetroHotels group says it has been testing a new system to get more people in and out of hotels.

They have booked more than 700 hotels in metro Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, as well as other areas such as the Siberian city of Sakhalin and Chechnya.

The company’s website says the new system will be used to attract more travelers.

It is also the first of its kind to be rolled out in Russia.

The system will work at all Metro lines.

MetroMoscoso is a Metro line that runs from Moscow to Moscow-Saint Petersburg.

The system has been in testing since the beginning of the year, when MetroMoscovia, the government-run Metro, began asking for feedback.

The MetroHotel group has been working on the project since last fall, said spokeswoman Anna Pasternakova.

Metro Moscoso’s system will include both public and private rooms.

The private rooms will be available only in designated zones.

In a statement, the company said it has also been testing other options to make it easier for passengers to get to and from hotels, including connecting the lines of metro trains to each other.

For example, if there are two lines of Metro trains, one with a hotel and one without, the private rooms can be shared among both.

The company also said that MetroMosco is using a new technology called MMS.

This allows for the identification of the hotel and hotel guest by their smartphone.

The service will be rolled-out in a pilot project in the coming months.

The new system was first tested in MetroMoskovo, a small city in southern Russia near the border with Belarus.

The metro system is scheduled to open in 2021.

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