What is a Hard Rock Hotel?

Hard Rock hotel chain Hard Rock Hotels is gearing up to open its first-ever hotel in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg, with a budget of just $1 million.

The brand-new hotel will feature three-star luxury amenities, including a rooftop pool, fitness center, bar and restaurant, according to a press release.

The hotel is expected to open in the fall.

The company said that its plans for the hotel were in line with the “big, bold vision” of the brand and “the unique needs of our guests.”

Hard Rock also said that the hotel will “offer the latest technology and the most advanced hospitality to provide guests with the most secure, comfortable and convenient hotel experience.”

The hotel will have a restaurant and lounge area, but the hotel’s main focus will be on the lounge, which is expected in 2018, according a press statement.

It will be the first hotel in the country to feature rooftop pools, according the brand.

Hard Rock Hotel also plans to add three more hotels to the mix by the end of 2019, which will bring the total number of Hard Rock hotels in South African towns to 23.

Hard Rock said that it plans to open more hotels in Africa by the second half of 2019.

The new Hard Rock will be located in the same building that was formerly home to the Johannesburg City Hotel.

The Hotel is expected cost the Hard Rock brand between $9 million and $20 million.

The company has not yet disclosed pricing for the hotels in the United States.

The announcement comes just weeks after Hard Rock confirmed plans to expand its presence in New York City.

The brand will open a hotel in Trump Tower, Brooklyn, which was previously home to a branch of the Hard Rocks in Brooklyn.

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