Why you’re not going to see the NHL’s 2018 Winter Classic in Washington

In a recent interview, President Donald Trump said the league was looking for a new venue in the United States because of a shortage of arenas.

“If I had to bet on it, they want to play in New York, Las Vegas or someplace like that, which would be great,” he said.

“It would be a great place.

It would be an amazing stadium, it would be one of the best arenas in the world.

And I think it’s a tremendous opportunity.

But we have to make sure that it’s not just in New Jersey.

It has to be in the heart of the city.”

The NHL, which is owned by the National Hockey League Players’ Association, has had discussions with several potential venues in New Orleans and Nashville, and the NHLPA is open to a bid from any of the other nine NHL owners, including the Nashville Predators, which are currently exploring a move to New York.

The New York Times reported on Monday that the New York Rangers have expressed interest in moving to New Jersey, while the St. Louis Blues have been in discussions with the New Jersey Devils for a few months.

If the NHL ultimately decides to move, it will have to find a new arena for its games.

The NHL already has the Garden in Brooklyn and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which opened in the summer of 2020.

The Times said the NHL has not ruled out a New York-area arena, but “it’s hard to say whether a new building could be constructed within an hour’s drive of the arena or not, given the size of the market.”

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