Kayak hotels close down after storm – NewsSport

Kayak and SUP companies in South Australia have shut down after the powerful Cyclone Debbie made landfall.

The Cyclone is currently moving at a Category 5 speed and has killed at least four people in the state, and has also damaged at least one life in a house and damaged another car in Adelaide.

It was reported on Saturday that several hotel chains had been shut down due to the severe storm, but South Australia Police did not confirm the reasons for the closures.

“We have shuttered some hotels in the South Australian town of Pemberton, and are working with the Department of Primary Industries to assess the damage caused,” the State Emergency Management Agency said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Department said it was working with hotels to provide temporary accommodation and to assess potential damage.

He said: “Due to the heavy rainfall the emergency management agencies have had to temporarily close some of our hotels in Pemberfield to allow for further monitoring and the provision of temporary accommodation.

More information on the Cyclone will be available at a later date.”

We will continue to update you on the status of the Cychettes damage, if any, and the extent of the damage to the hotel.

“The cyclone is expected to weaken in the next few days.

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