‘This is a very bad day’: The day in hotel history that left hotel guests with more questions than answers

Business Insider 4/14 The night that hotel guests were left asking the wrong questions The night of the firestorm that broke out at the Hotel Transylvana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the world was riveted by the news of a building collapse.

With the world watching, a hotel management company said that a fire had started in the building and that a number of guests had lost their lives.

“The fire has been extinguished,” the management company, Rio de Campo, said in a statement.

“There was a fire and some guests have lost their life.

We have reached out to all our guests and are waiting for their reports.”

But in reality, the hotel management firm was being honest.

The night before, the fire had already started and the cause was still unknown.

According to a fire official, at 6:30pm, guests were sleeping in the rooms, not in the suites.

As the fires raged in the room, guests who were still in the hotel started to question the hotel’s explanation for why guests had stayed there for so long.

What had happened to the building’s sprinkler system?

What was the cause of the problem with the sprinkler systems that were supposed to be working?

How many guests were still alive?

Why had the fire not been extinguished by then?

The fires, which began when a fire broke out inside a room in the 10th floor of the hotel, claimed the lives of at least 23 people and destroyed at least 1,100 buildings.

The fire was one of the worst in Brazil’s history, and the deaths of so many people at one time are not uncommon.

“This is one of those rare moments where we see so many different perspectives,” hotel manager, Roberto Moraes, told reporters in Rio.

“It was really a very good question.”

It was the most difficult question to answer.

The hotel was supposed to have sprinklers in every room, but some of them didn’t work.

The sprinklers were supposed by the hotel to shut off the fire when they stopped, but that wasn’t always the case.

The problems with the system had been noticed by guests a few days earlier, and they hadn’t been told.

The only sprinklers on the hotel were in the bathrooms and the kitchen.

When the sprinklers stopped, there was no water to drink from the toilets.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” hotel spokesperson, Mariana, said.

“So many people are sleeping in these rooms and we don’t know who is in those rooms.

We didn’t have a clue.”

At 8:40pm on February 9, 2018, guests awoke to find the building engulfed in flames, and there were still more than 1,000 guests still inside.

They were told by the fire department that all guests had to leave the hotel.

Mariana said they were told that everyone in the other rooms had been evacuated.

It was at this point that hotel management came out with an official statement, saying that the fire was under control and that the hotel was safe.

It’s true that the sprinkling system did stop in some of the rooms.

However, it was not the first time the sprinkles had failed, and that was not due to the fact that guests were not properly trained.

The problem with sprinklers The first problem was that some guests didn’t understand how they worked.

The most common reason is that they had forgotten the sprinkalators’ directions.

The instructions are printed on the sprinkletons.

The instruction manual says: “This sprinkler is to be operated in the lowest water pressure and should not be operated during the rainy season.

Operate the sprinklestick by turning on the water valve at the top and then pushing down the button on the back of the sprinkant container. “

Only the fire alarm can be activated during this period.

Operate the sprinklestick by turning on the water valve at the top and then pushing down the button on the back of the sprinkant container.

The water valve must be in the operating position before the sprinklant is started.”

The instruction also states that it is okay to leave a sprinkler in the toilet if the water pressure is high enough.

However in the case of a fire, the water can be turned off before the fire starts.

That’s because the sprinkled water has a higher pressure than the water that would normally be used to cool down the fire.

However the instructions do not explain how a sprinklers operation should be done in the event of a catastrophic fire.

“I would have thought that all the people should be able to operate the sprinkillator correctly and to avoid the danger,” Mariana told Business Insider.

“But unfortunately, they are not.”

There were a number other problems.

“One of the issues is that we are supposed to use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire,” Marianas spokesperson said.

Instead, the sprinklinters have failed.

“They don’t

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